We’re on a mission to make films, animations, and video productions that inspire and influence generations.


Great causes deserve great recognition

We imagine a world in which creativity, values, and consciousness dominates the media.

Our goal is to make high-value video production accessible to everyone; creatives; educators; humanitarians; visionaries; people who are making a positive impact.

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Visualizing Ideas

We begin our production process with content and context; researching, writing scripts and generating ideas that resonate with the audience and complement the brand and message behind each film.

This helps us find creative ways to communicate these ideas visually within the allocated production budget.

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Initial Draft

Final Render

Our origins story

Based out of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, and operating under Alleviated Media, BentRoadFilms is a collective of artists and creatives driven by their passion and love for film and art.

The dynamic team of creatives behind our projects consists of talented artists, marketing specialists, and partners collaborating closely to make each vision a reality.

We’re always looking for our next challenge to collaborate, create better films, and tell more stories.

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