Bent Road Films is

A collective of creative minds with one mutual vision:

Sharing ideas through stories that inspire.

We are committed to producing value-driven content and writing meaningful stories that uplift society and start positive conversations.

Because we believe that great stories spread great ideas, and great ideas can change the world.

Our Mission

Creating media that makes the world a better place

We adopt four core principles to deliver media content and marketing campaigns that add value.
  • Creating media with purpose

    What purpose does the campaign serve beyond promoting a product or a brand? We make sure that every project adds social or cultural value.

  • Considering the bigger picture

    We think about the effect each piece of content has on viewers' emotions, thinking, and actions. How does the message affect society?

  • Providing long-term solutions

    Short-term strategies bring short-lived results. Our campaigns focus on the long run to bring constant returns and maintain consistent values.

  • Practicing ethical marketing

    We cerate campaigns and media content that comply with all the basic ethical marketing principles helps audiences trust organizations.

What We Do


Sharing Ideas

We help mission-based businesses, organizations, and individuals share their ideas through strategic purpose-driven media and marketing campaigns.

Connecting Creators

We collaborate with filmmakers, animators, musicians, artists, and creators from all around the globe to make media content that inspires.

The Negative Effects of Social Media on the Mind

Raising Awareness

We amplify the work of non-profit organizations, social businesses, and philanthropists in raising awareness to causes and social issues.

Some of the things we can help you with


Video Production + -


Marketing Campaigns + -


Content Creation + -


Interactive Media + -



Asset Creation + -

Create media assets for your brand or your project (brand films, educational videos, short-form series, social media content) to tell your story and promote your brand.

Content Preparation + -

Curate your content (learning material, instructions, etc.) and prepare them in visually-appealing media and appropriate language for your target audience.

Pre-Production + -



Creative Direction + -


Marketing Strategy + -


Campaign Planning + -


Brand Alignment + -


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