Training & Onboarding

Engage your team with enjoyable learning videos

Reading company guidelines, SOPs, and training material can be complicated and time-consuming; leading to fatigue, frustration and loss of morale.

By leveraging language, sound and visual storytelling, we make digestible video lessons that are easy for people to understand and remember.

Create a library of learning resources

Turn your learning material into a library of informational videos for your team to access at any time.

Cut down training time and costs

Save on training preparation time and costs by repurposing clips from your video library for in-class training, seminars, tradeshows, and more.

Reach a bigger audience

Training and tutorial videos are a great way to increase your online presence and demonstrate what you do.

More reasons to invest in training videos

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Training videos we make

How it works

1. Request

Submit a project request; choose your budget and project type.

2. Proposal

Get an initial proposal based on your requirements in 3 days.

3. Payment

Make your first payment and see your video(s) being made.

4. Review

Access and review the production progress on your dashboard.

5. Download

Download your videos instantly through your dashboard.

Why Bent Road Films?

Flexible Plans

We suggest ideas and video plans based on the budget that you choose.

Easy Process

Our order process makes it easy for anyone to get custom-videos anywhere.

Easy Review

Review and add notes on every phase of production through your dashboard.

Structured Courses


Marketing Packages

Available add-ons to promote your online courses to bigger audiences.

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Attention to Detail

Available add-ons to promote your online courses to bigger audiences.



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