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You're on a mission to change the world

And we want to help you on your mission.

That's why we share your message through digital campaigns that resonate with your audience and amplify your influence.

Are you thinking of the bigger picture?

Advertising helps people notice your brand and your products.

But if you want to keep people's attention, earn their loyalty, and automate your marketing, you need to think of the big picture.

We help you unfold your brand's story through long-term strategies and media that becomes an extension to your brand.

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Media that doesn't disrupt, corrupt, or interrupt

Bent Road Films is a collective of creators and marketers with one common goal: making content that inspires.

We always put people first

People are more than just numbers, and business is much more than just reaching customers. Our media production and marketing services focus on putting people's interests first.


We make sure that every media content we create adds social, educational, or cultural value.

Ethical Marketing

Our ethical marketing practices make your customers love and trust your brand.

Long-Term Value

We create media that focuses on bringing long-term value for you and your audience.


We help you find creative ways to market your brand, based on your goals, and your budget.

The Media Influence

Read the research we've compiled on the effects of media on our world:

On the Brain

What effect does media content have on the brain, and how does content consumption affect our cognitive abilities?

On the Youth

Studies have found a possible correlation between social media use and mental health disorders in teenagers. What does it say?

On Society

From social impact to group thinking and misinformation. Is digital media affecting society positively or negatively?

On the Future

How is digital media and information shaping the future of the world, and what can we do to make it a bright one?

You can make a difference

Create media with purpose

We help you create media content and marketing strategies that build your brand, strengthen your connection to customers, and contribute to a better society.

Submit a cause you care about

Are you on a mission to make the world a better place? Do you have a cause worth fighting for? Send us your ideas and we will help you share them with the world!

Join our community of creators

Are you keen on changing the world through your work? Join our network of creative collaborators and stay up-to-date on paid projects and collaboration opportunities.

Bits of ideas and inspirations

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Practice ethical marketing

Learn how you can adopt ethical marketing within your organization.

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