How Digital Media Changed Video Advertising Forever

Once upon a time, watching video content or motion pictures was restricted to just a few platforms; such as cinema, TV, and LED screens. The programming and advertising formats on these platforms were limited too.

TV networks would license films and TV shows from production companies, and sell advertising slots between programs to advertisers.

Ultimately, it was the networks who decided what show or movie they’d want to broadcast; at what time; in which order. Networks also get to decide how much is a slot of advertising worth at different times of the day (peak hours/prime time, for instance, costs more).

TV Programming & Advertising Formats in the Past

Typically, TV commercials run for 15 to 30 seconds. Because TV networks sell them that way. While TV series and programs are often slotted for about 30 minutes to an hour. Then you have sports, live events, news, and so on.

Although these program formats would vary depending on the region you lived in (the number of episodes per season may differ, or the total runtime per episode, the style, and delivery, etc.), they generally followed similar formats.

Networks are wary about taking on shows and programs that are “different”. They prefer sticking with programs that are statistically more profitable.

Also, it would be chaotic for TV networks to broadcast programs without format guidelines. Imagine the scheduling nightmare if each show had very different running times!

Then came high-speed internet and smartphones.

YouTube opened the doors for anyone to broadcast their own video content. Other platforms like Vimeo and Dailymotion followed suit. Over time we began seeing videos on social media, websites, blogs, phone apps.

Nowadays, you can incorporate video in most places on the web with little to no limitation.

You can make a 10-second video and upload it for people to watch, or broadcast an ongoing live show that goes on forever (inspired by Truman, of course).

From interactive videos, animations, live shows, and even web series, films, and virtual experiences, the Internet became a home for motion. It offers an incomparable diversity in media content.

When it comes to digital media on the Internet, the creative possibilities are endless.

And video isn’t the only type of media that changed forever. Everything from print media (newspapers, books, magazines) to music, art, and even government propaganda now have a digital counterpart that offers much more flexibility.

Using Digital Media to Market Your Small Business

Today, most Internet users are aware of the effectiveness of digital media in delivering various messages. Most businesses are also aware of the importance of digital marketing for their growth and sustainability.

As a small-business owner, you now have access to more marketing tools and marketing channels than those once only available to corporations with big budgets (i.e. newspaper, TV, cinema, and billboards), and for a fraction of the price. So, get creative!

Using Digital Media to Market Your Business

You don’t need to follow traditional formats – or current ones, you can come up with your own format that works best to tell your story.

That said, you should be selective in what you publish online, especially as a business.

It’s easy to spread an idea on the Internet but it’s hard to erase it.

Publishing the wrong thing could bring tremendous negative results in the long haul. That is not what marketing should do for your business.

In other words, although there are almost no restrictions or creative limitations when it comes to spreading an idea through digital media, there are favorable practices to ensure your digital marketing reflects your brand’s values.

If you want to grow your brand and gain customer loyalty, you should always keep your values – and your audience – at the heart of everything you make.

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