How Your Business Can Make an Impact on Society

There are many ways your business can make an impact on society. Starting from your brand’s values; what your brand stands for and what it believes in, to the product itself.

If you’re selling healthy food snacks, for example, you can start with packaging your products in bags or boxes made of recyclable material. You can make sure that all the ingredients that go into your product are ethically-sourced and that the suppliers of these ingredients are treating their staff and vendors justly.

Within your company, you can ensure that your staff from executives to sales and logistics teams are well-compensated for their efforts and treated with fairness.

And when it comes to marketing your business to customers, you can communicate your brand’s values to the world. Be honest about what you are and what you’re not.

Be Authentic in Your Marketing Efforts

Whether it’s the copywriting or the messaging in your ads and marketing content, your business can make a positive impact on society by supporting causes that align with its values.

Media and advertising today is overwhelmed with aggressive and hard-sell messages and deception (think pop-up ads with obstructed navigation forcing you to click “buy” when you’re looking for the close button).

Your business can be a pioneer in changing this culture.

Be honest, transparent, humble, and authentic in all your marketing efforts. People care about authentic brands with a vision and a mission beyond making money.

The great thing about today’s digital and mobile-first world is that it opens many doors for creativity.

You can send out newsletters, write blog posts, create videos, podcasts, interactive experiences, social media content, video courses, and much more to amplify your message and the causes your brand cares about.

When it comes to marketing your business with video, you have plenty of platforms and formats that you could use to share your message and bring value to society.

8 Ideas to Make an Impact with Video Marketing

To give you some inspiration here are 8 ways your business could bring value to your audience through video marketing:

Produce short films that connect your audience with your brand through mutual values.

1. Produce Short Films that Promote Your Brand’s Values

Producing short films for the Web can help you promote your brand and create loyal followers. Audiences are not only more likely to sit through your short film ad without rushing to skip it, but they are also more likely to appreciate your brand for contributing to art and culture. People would even search for your short films to watch and share them; giving you free advocacy along the way.

With the technology available today, you can easily find many small production houses and independent filmmakers to help you make short films and animations that fit your budget.

Of course, always make sure that the film’s script and message align with your brand’s image and values.

Create animated social media and web series for ongoing marketing.

2. Create a Web Series for Ongoing Marketing

Just like short films, web series can build your brand and increase customer loyalty in the long run.

Making a web series nowadays is much easier and more affordable than ever. The types of web series you could make are endless. Unlike TV series, there are no constraints on the Web.

You can publish your mini-series on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram or through video streaming platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

And with stories running as short as 10 seconds, you are free to choose the total runtime per episode, and the type of content you want to make.

Producing a web series gives your business ongoing marketing. If done right, your audience will only increase over time.

Create documentaries that bring attention to your business and the solutions you offer.

3. Documentaries Can Bring Attention to Your Solutions

What causes does your business support? What’s your production process? What problems are you trying to solve?

You can produce mini-documentaries related to your business, your products, or your customers, or you can produce documentaries about causes your brand supports.

For example, a healthy snacks company could produce a short documentary about obesity; what mental and physical habits cause obesity, and how to solve the problem.

Publish public service announcements (PSAs) to spread awareness.

4. Publish Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

If Covid-19 taught us anything; it’s to be prepared, practice good hygiene, and avoid contact if we suspect that we are sick.

But at the beginning of this pandemic, everyone was confused. People often wondered how the virus was contracted, what are the symptoms, how to avoid it, etc.

When governments couldn’t deliver a clear message on protocols and SOPs, brands helped spread awareness on masks, social distancing, and best practices.

A PSA can be about anything at all. If there’s an issue that you think should be addressed, make a PSA to bring awareness to the problem or how to solve it.

Create educational films to inspire the youth.

5. Inspire the Youth with Educational Videos

You don’t have to be an educational institute to teach.

Does your business support learning? Short educational animations and stories are great learning tools for adults and children alike.

Show customers that your brand cares about the community’s progress and well-being. Make educational videos about how you run your business and manufacture your products to inspire future generations.

Sponsor the production of music videos.

6. Support Art & Culture: Sponsor the Production of Music Videos

Who said art and entertainment can’t be used to promote businesses? Music has been used as a highly successful marketing tool for ages.

Albeit being a manufacturer of unhealthy sugary drinks, Coca-Cola is one of the brands that have been historically associating itself with culture and music.

Open That Coca-Cola (Music by Tyler, The Creator)
Eddie Vedder – Matter of Time (for EB research funding)

You can find many budding artists on platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. Choose a band or a musician that shares your brand’s values; one that communicates your message and supports causes that you believe in.

Sponsor the creation of a music video or a lyric video for them.

Your brand’s credit on the video, in the description, and other marketing material can increase your brand’s visibility and build trust with potential customers.

Music videos are another type of long-term marketing that if successful, will gradually increase sales, customer loyalty, and strengthen your brand as a whole.

Training videos explaining how your product/service is made, how your business operates, and how your brand communicates can help your staff learn more about the business and what it stands for.

7. Make Training Videos to Develop Teams & Communities

Change must first comes from within corporations. Creating training material that is easily accessible and understood by various teams is important for any business to thrive and boost morale.

Training videos explaining how your product/service is made, how your business operates, and how your brand communicates can help your staff learn more about the business and what it stands for.

Moreover, if you publish these videos publicly, potential candidates and people in your community can benefit from the experience and expertise you share. It’s a good way to attract potential future talent that’s passionate about your brand before they’ve even joined the team.

As a bonus, training videos can also help cut down a lot of the training and onboarding time and costs.

To take it a step further and make your money back, you can monetize your training videos and even create entire video course(s) to sell as digital e-learning products.

Interested in creating training videos or video courses for your business? Check out the media solutions we offer.

Marketing campaigns that bring you closer to your people.

8. Influence Positive Culture through Social Media

Social media is overwhelmed with dance videos, memes, and pushy ads. If you want to make an impact with your marketing, don’t worry about getting attention or going viral. That is not the goal.

You want to change the world for the better. Make sure your marketing reflects that too.

Instead of competing for attention, make videos with specific goals and positive intentions. You would build a brand that stands out from all the noise, and attract the right type of customers and audiences that truly care about your brand and your message.

Wait, did you notice a trend?

Did you notice what all the ideas above have in common? Not only can these marketing tactics make an impact on society, but they also bring long-term value to your business.

And that’s what long-term marketing and branding are all about — they might not bring instant sales, but they often provide better ROI and results for your business in the long run.

We can help you get creative ideas to create long-term value for your social enterprise with video marketing.

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