Instant Bread: Why Every Business Needs a Purpose

Every business serves a purpose.

A bakery makes bread available for purchase and instant consumption, so people don’t have to spend half their day baking at home.

The flour producer mills the wheat to help the bakery make bread faster and with ease.

And the logistics company transports the flour to the store that the bakery buys it from.

Each business has its own purpose.

If you were to perform this whole process of harvesting wheat to baking bread by yourself, you’d spend your whole life doing just that – making bread.

Instead, you can easily pick up a ready-made loaf of bread, processed meat, and readily shredded cheese from a store near you. And you’ll be done making your sandwich and eating it within an hour.

That’s what you pay for when you buy a product from any business; time and value.

We work to earn money that we can use to pay for the things we need to live the life we want.

What’s Your Business Purpose?

In today’s world of glorified entrepreneurship, everyone wants to start a business. But not everyone knows why they want to start a business.

Starting a business to gain financial freedom or to boost your status is not a business purpose; it’s the potential result of running a successful business.

Entrepreneurs start businesses because they believe that they can do things better one way or another.

Is there a need for the solution you’re offering? In most cases, there isn’t a need. Because everything people once needed is already available.

So then, how are you offering customers a better solution?

If your business is not adding any kind of value to the world then it might as well not exist.

Because without adding value, all you’re doing is just asking people for their money in exchange for something that they can get elsewhere.

And people buy ready-made bread so they can have more time to make more money to spend on more of the things they choose to spend it on.

What’s the purpose of your business?