Our Values

The beliefs and ethics that we live by; the basis for everything we do.


Perhaps one of our strongest values. We try to start everything we do with the right intentions.


We’re all here to leave our mark in the world making great things. We work with clients and creative teams.


We believe that honest, open, and clear communication yields the best results.


Really, we care and feel for people. That’s why we do what we do. 


We admit and own up to our shortcomings. If we didn’t, just tell us.


Our agile and flexible mindset allows us to face challenges and find a solution to every problem.


We try to always live by our values.

That’s why we make honest and meaningful media. No fluff. No gimmicks.


Pink Floyd said it best: “We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl”.

At our core, we’re just a bunch of people-loving artists.

Art & Culture

We want to fill the world with art and beautiful things. Sometimes this can be dark, sometimes enlightening. But always honest.