Why Your Business Will Probably Never Be the Best

Have you been using phrases like “the best shop”, “the leading company”, or “the number 1 brand” in your marketing?

You might want to stop now.

You’ve worked hard to make the best product or service in every aspect, and you truly believe that it’s the best you could offer your customers, I get it.

But whether it’s the best for your customers or not is truly subjective.

Your Business Will Never Be the Best

Even if you made the best lemonade in town, at least one person will think it’s too sweet or too sour.

Too many brands and service providers claim that they’re “the best” or “the leading”, “the #1”.

But in what aspect? How was this measured?

Unless you have been formally certified by an unbiased body as the “best choice”, don’t make claims that you can’t live up to.

People will have high expectations

And when they buy your product and it doesn’t perform as advertised, they will double down on their resentment of your brand for the false claims it makes.

A Better Way to Hype Up Your Brand

Instead of falsely using such self-glorifying statements in your marketing to impress everyone, focus on what you are doing to be the favored choice by customers.

Write copy that sets you apart from the competition. Highlight the attributes, qualities, and selling points that make your product the ideal choice for a specific group of people, even if didn’t appeal to the masses.

That is what will help you grow your brand and achieve better success in the long run. Not false claims of superiority.